On 6th July 2022, the Fundnel Investor Mingle Event took place and it surely was a delightful one! 

Dadvance Agarwood Solutions Sdn Bhd (“DAAS”) is one of the issuers under Fundnel Malaysia and we’ve successfully raised funds via ECF Campaign via Fundnel platform. In addition to that, Vukoffi is one of the brands under DAAS’s sister company, NYCX Sdn Bhd. 

We were overjoyed as Vukoffi was the sponsored partner for the event and was able to unveil the first premium Oud Coffee in Malaysia to the attendees. Mr. Adrieent Tan, our International Trade Director from DAAS gave a short speech about Vukoffi introducing our brand during the event, in letting more people know about us, what we offer and what we bring to the market.

The enthusiasm and curiosity attendees had about Vukoffi and Agarwood got us thrilled in educating them about the health benefits it offers, especially towards what Vukoffi brings in one cup of coffee whilst being able to experience the sophisticated aromatic lingering sweet finish. Lastly, we were pleased to see how enjoyable the event turned out, and was also content with the feedback the attendees had towards our Vukoffi, Premium Oud Coffee.