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About Vukoffi


We using premium and sustainably-sourced Coffee Beans and highest grade Oud Oil from cultivated agarwood plantations in Malaysia to produce Premium Agarwood Coffee.

Brand Story

The name “Vukoffi” is inspired by the great Siberian wolf.  As the alpha wolf leads the pack, these highly intelligent animals assign roles in the hierarchical system.


Inspired by the wolves’ characteristics, we believe that most wolves (entrepreneurs) can influence, guide, and shape the values – the best of all lead by example.
Brand Story
The Best Roasted Agarwood Coffee Beans

The Best Roasted Agarwood Coffee Beans


In our search to discover the world’s greatest pleasures – coffee and Oud oil, Vukoffi reflects the spirit of these exceptional hunters.


We source only the finest coffee beans and the highest quality Oud oil – a rare gem that is cultivated patiently from Malaysian Agarwood.


In the best-quality liquid gold of agarwood oil, they remain infused with our aromatic coffee beans.

Uniqueness of Oud Oil

The Liquid Gold – Oud Oil

Oud oil is the essential oil extracted from the fragrant resin found within Agarwood. Oud oil is also known as’ liquid gold’ for its oil that is worth more than gold. Its aroma is warm, woody, smoky and sweet.


Based on various religious and cultural scriptures, “The Wood of The Gods” has powers in banishing destructive energies surrounding the human aura. Kings and queens from Asia and the Middle East surrounded themselves with the exotic fragrance of the Oud oil.


Less than 2% of Agarwood trees can produce the dark resin valued for its scent, making it one of the highest sought-after essential oils around the world. However, with our modern-day advantage in research and agriculture, we’ve been cultivating these special Agarwood trees to bring you the finest Oud oil. Cultivated in an ideal Malaysian climate for an unrivalled quality of Agarwood Oud, we’re offering the world an opportunity to experience the opulent offerings of Oud oil.

Premium and Sustainability Sourced Coffee Beans Roaster

Union Roastery – our partner who specializes in artisan coffee, roast and package the Vukoffi coffee beans. Each bag of coffee beans is being sourced internationally, ensuring every bean is roasted to its perfection, to serve our customers with a total impeccable coffee experience.