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For the Love of Agarwood

Vukoffi is a brand of premium coffee that produces fine coffee beans from Brazil along with the most outstanding quality of Oud oil that is perfectly cultivated from Agarwood in Malaysia.
At Vukoffi, our principles reflect our commitment to unlock the full potential of Agarwood’s healing properties and bring it into our modern lifestyle.
Agarwood is a resin-infused fragrant wood. This world’s rarest and the most expensive wood can cost as much as USD $100,000 per kilogram, which is a highly valuable product for medicine and fragrance purposes since ancient India times (1500–1000 B.C.E.).


In 2008, our founders – David Liew has a strong passion and determination to develop the resin formulation, after understanding how complicated it is in related to the whole agarwood plantation.
For the Love of Agarwood

Making fine agarwood products are our ongoing passion and aspirations.

A journey of 12-years in the R&D of agarwood had finally paid off, as he has successfully engineered bio-vaccine inoculation to harvest 100% naturally made resin.


In 2019, David founded DAdvance Agarwood Solutions Sdn. Bhd. which incorporated in Malaysia – a country well-knowned for producing top-quality oud oil and agarwood products. A supplier that offers high economic value agarwood, empowers 100% natural agarwood production in a sustainable method.


During the pandemic, consumers have moved dramatically toward online, and with such demands, we also offer highly-valuable agarwood products for example: fragrance, incense, aromatherapy to the consumers.