Drip Bag Coffee



Vukoffi is like no other when it comes to taste and health benefits all in one. Our top of the line premium drip bag coffee product, Vukoffi is the best choice to start your day with its flavorful profile that gives dimension and richness with every sip, especially its extraordinary aroma.   

A cup of Vukoffi will not only keep you energized for the day, you will be able to enjoy the health benefits of regulating your digestive system, metabolism, calmness and more!  

Experience the sweet and smoky deliciousness of Vukoffi!

Weight: 105g (15g x 7 drip bags)

Origin: Brazil 

Process: Natural Dry

Varietal: Bourbon and Caturra

Altitude: 800-1300masl

  • 85 – 95°C – higher the water temperature, more bitter the taste
  • 150ml – 210ml – lesser the water amount, more flavor the taste


  1. Tear along perforation
  2. Pull out hanger, place on the cup
  3. Slowly pour over hot water
  4. Remove filter bag and enjoy it

Room temperature, dry, avoid sunlight and air tight container