Vukoffi x Socialites held our first offline private event on the 30th June 2022 at Supesu, KL, and it went absolutely splendid! 

It was co-organized by Datin Maylene Yong & Dato Kee Hua Chee, both well known public figures in Malaysia. Since the 90’s, Datin Maylene Yong is known for her modeling career since the 90’s and is also a very prominent Philanthropist figure. Additionally, Dato Kee Hua Chee is a notable figure in Malaysia due to his bloggings as it vastly consists of the majority of Malaysia’s key figures, filmstars and more. We were pleased with the outcome of prestigious and remarkable VVIPs attendees, attending our first private event as it was a great kick start for us to venture into the market! 

During the event, Mr. Adrieent Tan, our International Trade Director from DAAS gave a short speech about Vukoffi introducing our brand, the speciality of our product and what we bring to the market. Vukoffi is inspired by the Great Siberian Wolf as they are known to have a sophisticated strategy of hunting its prey and their leadership. On top of that, like wolves we observe attentively and strike fast at the right time with precision. In leadership, Vukoffi understands that getting things done effectively would be relying on teamwork in generating the best outcome.

After the speech, Ms Ngu Lee Chien from Union Roastery demonstrated how Vukoffi’s whole beans are brewed and how Vukoffi’s drip bag is used. Ms Ngu touched on the choice of coffee beans and explained why the chosen Brazil Arabica Coffee Bean was more suited to be infused with Agarwood. After the mini session, we were delighted to let our VVIPs have a taste of Malaysia’s first infused Oud Oil premium coffee, Vukoffi. After the session ended, VVIPs headed down to Mori Kohi for tea time and continued enhancing their networks and connections with a positive environment filled with joy and laughter.

Vukoffi integrates social commitments through our premium Oud Oil Coffee during networking sessions and events where people get to know each other to enhance the overall experience. In addition to that, Vukoffi is suitable for corporate giftings or as a  souvenir from Malaysia to other countries. For any enquiry regarding collaborating with Vukoffi for private events, do contact us for more information!