A coffee made automatically in a drip coffee maker is known as a drip coffee. In Malaysia, drip coffee is widely available at cafes and is used daily, just like regular coffee. The main advantage of drip coffee is how simple and easy it is to make without any prior brewing knowledge. Additionally, it can produce vast quantities of coffee in only one brewing cycle, making it a popular option for usage in workplaces and dining establishments.

What Makes Drip Coffee Different?

Coffee that is grounded more coarsely than espresso coffee is used to make drip coffee. The coffee is prepared by slowly pouring hot water over it and letting the water flow into a pot after passing through the coffee grounds. This method takes longer than making espresso, and hot water is in touch with the ground coffee for a considerably more extended period. Drip coffee also uses filters from various materials, such as plastic, paper and thin screen sheets made of metal. Drip coffee needs simple thermally induced pressure and gravity to get its liquid to the shower head. The amount of the coffee’s soluble mass that it dissolves is significantly lower, and the filters used in this brew method will often capture many of these oils produced during the process.

How To Use Coffee Drip (Alternate title suggestion: How To Prepare Drip Coffee)

Before making drip coffee, you will first need an automatic drip coffee machine. Other tools you might want include a coffee grinder, disposable filter and coffee scale in case your automatic drip coffee machine needs them.

Based on the number of cups you plan to prepare, start by calculating the amount of coffee for drip brewing as the first step. You should also weigh the coffee beans rather than measure them by volume if you want the most accurate brewing results. The majority of pre-ground coffee has a medium grind, making it acceptable for drip machines, but freshly ground beans will provide coffee that tastes superior. Medium-sized grind coffee beans are ideal for drip coffee. It is an excellent plan to filter your water before brewing, but make sure the filter you choose leaves behind some minerals and only removes chlorine and other substances that have a strong flavour or odour.

Ensure the water reservoir has enough water to make the amount of coffee you’re preparing before adding your ground coffee to the filter basket. Hit start once your settings have been programmed, and the machine will take care of the rest. Depending on the device, you may need to choose the number of cups, the brew strength, temperature, and an optional pre-infusion.

Coffee Drip Bag In Malaysia

Drip coffee bags are tiny pouches filled with ground coffee suspended above cups in folded paper supports. Before being filled with coffee, the bags must be small and flat without any bumps. The coffee is then filled in, typically weighing no more than 11g. This makes storage convenient and effective anywhere you want in your house or office.

It can be quite a challenge when it comes to searching for a reputable and reliable source from which you can buy coffee drip bags. With that said, you can check out the coffee drip bags at Vukoffi as the coffee beans originate from Brazil and have a delightful aroma and taste to them. The coffee drip bags from Vukoffi come in a pack of 7 bags which weigh 15g each, 105g in total. The coffee beans have gone through a natural dry process over an altitude of 800-1300masl with varieties of Bourbon and Caturra.

What Is The Difference Between Drip And Brewed Coffee?

Brewed coffee doesn’t use a filter unless it is through a drip mechanism, whereas drip coffee uses a filter that comes in various materials. In addition, brewed coffee is a more inclusive phrase for different coffee preparations. In contrast, drip coffee is a particular kind of coffee that uses a unique preparation method to achieve the perfect cup of coffee. Drip coffee has a distinct flavour, while brewed coffee can have a variety of flavours depending on how the coffee maker has made it.


Drip coffee is a type of coffee with a specific preparation method. It uses an automatic drip coffee maker to create a wonderfully blended, roasted and aromatic coffee that will increase your energy level and instantly boost your mood. Drip coffee bags are packed into flat and small bags that are easy to store in your workspace or home, which adds convenience to your daily life. One of the rules of drip coffee is that you should always consume the coffee immediately to prevent the aroma and flavour from evaporating.

To make it easier, here are some simple steps that you can follow for brewing drip coffee:

  1. Tear along perforation of the drip coffee bag
  2. Pull out hanger, place on the cup
  3. Slowly pour the coffee over hot water
  4. Remove filter bag and enjoy it

To customise your brewing, you can follow this rule:

  • 85 – 95°C – higher the water temperature, more bitter the taste
  • 150ml – 210ml – lesser the water amount, more flavour the taste